Beginning December 20, 2013, the requirements for Title Applications in the State of Georgia changed. 

To avoid the frustration and expense of multiple trips to the DMV, we have summarized the requirements including the items to be taken to the tag office in the county of your residence.​       

New Requirements:

  • An application for a Georgia Certificate of Title (form MV-1), submitted with a surety title bond (form MV-46) in the amount of two (2) times the fair market value

  • as stated in the Motor Vehicle Assessment Manual with a minimum value of $5,000 and;
  • An affidavit supporting the bond which includes the steps the taken to first obtain the certificate of title and find information on the owner and any security interest or lien holder;
  • The surety or title bond must be accompanied by the appointment of an attorney in fact by the insurance company underwriting the bond.
  • A Certificate of Inspection by a Georgia Law Enforcement Officer (form T-22B) which must indicate the officer's verification on the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). The form shall be considered void without the GCIC verification;
  • A report from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) obtained through a commercially available system authorized by the commissioner to determine the current title of record and the state of issuance.
  • If the report indicates the title of record is from a jurisdiction other than Georgia, the application for a Georgia Certificate of Title must be accompanied by a certified title history from the state of issuance; see US map below.
  • If the Georgia or other state certified title history indicates a security interest or lien, a notice or release of a security interest or lien (form T-4) must be included.

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It's frustrating when you can't title your car; we understand and value your time. When you are missing the proper supporting documents required by law for the issuance of a certificate of title on a required motor vehicle in the State of Georgia, you may still obtain a certificate of title with a surety bond supplied by the Surety Bond Girls, LLC.

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 If applying for a GA title for a vehicle from a foreign country

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Georgia has new guidelines for certificate of Title applications supported by Surety Bonds.

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If the vehicle was last titled in a state other than Georgia, a Certified Vehicle Title History Report is required. Use this map and link to the state of origin for information on your vehicle.

*RI, PA, NH additional fees apply


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  • T-22R (Request for inspection of a rebuilt motor vehicle)
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