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Subcontractor bonding

Need bonding for your subs? Send them to Surety Bond Girls! We will work with them to secure bonding.

to secure bonding additional 

​information may be required:

  • Business Financials
  • Personal Financials
  • Bank Letter
  • Current log of Work On Hand
  • Signed Indemnity Agreement upon approval

Surety Bond Girls is one of the few agencies that has a role in all of your contracting needs from new SBA forms, bidding, permit expediting to bonding lines. We like to build our contractor relationships with personalized service. 

We have a special program to assist contractors with the Georgia General Contractor Licensing process. So, if you have been contracting "under the radar" and have the desire to get legal so you can bid on and get larger us today!

Our concept is simple, you focus on your expertise and we will focus on ours! 

Surety Bond Girls will work with you to meet your bond needs for contracts that fall outside of the Fast Track Program

 Get on the Fast Track


  • Single bond limit is $100,000.00 and Up
  • Aggregate Bond limit up to $800,000.00​
  • Contractor must have Acceptable Credit Score
  • Credit only approval available
  • Less than perfect credit may require current business and personal financials
  • Note the following project types NOT eligible for the Fast Track Program: Reclaimation, Multi-Year Contracts, Environmental, Design and Computer Software and Hazardous Materials. (This list may not be all inclusive and subject to change)

Subdivision & maintenance


Call us today to discuss your Subdivision & Maintenance bond needs.

Less than perfect credit?

We will do our best to get you an approval through a non-standard market while working with you along to way to help you get your business positioned for the future.

service & supply contractors

We can assist with the bonding needs of the following specialties and many more...

  • Turf
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Windows
  • Carpet
  • Media (excluding software)

​​Call us to inquire about your particular specialty!

We can write bonds up to a 3 year term and greater if an annually renewable bond form is allowed.

Surety Bond Girls, LLC  is licensed in the State of Georgia and South East to write Contract Surety Bonds. Our promise to you is to deliver the best in customer service, quality products and convenient expediting for your last minute needs. 

No worries, we are partnered with many Companies that are ready to support you- A rated paper and SBA approved. Do you have an established Surety account? Contact us today to inquire about our no hassles fast track programs. We are pleased to announce a limited agent access program to get you the lowest rates!

Need a small Contractor's License Bond? Most of our code bonds start as low as $100.00

 Why Choose US?

We don't stop with just your bonding needs. No time to file that bid or find a Notary? Surety Bond Girls will always help in that area too...we can even drop off/ pick up a permit or two! Our specialized permit agents work hand in hand with your Obligees!

Surety Bond Girls' commitment is not focused Nationwide but on our local neighbors in the communities in which we live. That is why our repeat clients trust their bonding and compliance needs to us.



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