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Surety Bond Girls™, LLC  is growing into new markets! We are licensed to write surety bonds throughout Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina and Colorado.  As we grow, we keep the same philosophy that has brought us success in Georgia: Competent, friendly agents that answer your calls and emails and respond quickly to your questions and compliance needs.​

Special programs for: Motor Vehicle Dealer bonds in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Oklahoma

Locally owned and operated, our friendly, licensed agents can streamline all of your compliance needs; hassle free and affordable. Our reputation within the State and Local government offices cuts through the red tape of the license and permitting process.

​​Your Compliance is our Mission!

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Surety Bond Girls™, LLC is a full service licensed, P&C Agency specializing in all aspects of compliance. We offer a streamlined approach to surety bonding,  permit expediting and licensing. With over 25 years in the surety bond and compliance industry, we have seen the need for our unique specialized services offered in a convenient atmosphere. We like to think of ourselves as your one-stop shop for all your professional license needs.

Here at Surety Bond Girls™, LLC you'll never be just an on-line ID number; approved today means delivered today. Our clients are our neighbors, so trust your compliance to the local Surety Bond Girls.

Our concept is simple, you focus on your expertise and we will focus on ours -bringing you into compliance: simple and affordable. 

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Surety Bond Girls, LLC, Bonds  Surety & Fidelity, Johns Creek, GA

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Most requests received by 3:00 pm  processed same day!

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Surety Bond Renewals

Let Surety Bond Girls™ give you a quote on your bond that is up for renewal. We work hard to find the perfect surety fit for your situation, which often means lower premiums and great service.

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